Your Security


We believe in secure online banking

At True Link, we protect your data just like we protect our own. In fact, because we use the True Link Card ourselves, we literally protect your information right alongside ours. We constantly monitor threats to data security and take proactive steps to ensure that our systems are fully protected.


Security Technology

Protecting your privacy and the security of your account is important to us. To ensure the security of all your transactions, we:

  • Use the strongest and most up-to-date encryption to secure your communications with us.
  • Use security best practices to secure your data stored with us as well as the communication of that data with our partners (VPNs, SSL/TLS, data at rest encryption).
  • All of our servers are protected by network and host-based firewalls.  Optionally allow you to set up two-factor authentication protecting you from password theft issues on other sites.
  • All administrator access requires two-factor authentication.
  • Critical infrastructure is also protected by two-factor authentication.

What you can do to protect your security

Call. (If you’re still not sure, give us a call at the publicly listed phone number on our Contact Us page, or on the back of the True Link Card)While we use all of our technical power to protect your data once it is in our system, it is very important that you remain vigilant against various ways in which scammers can try and get at your data.  Here are a few simple things that you can do to help ensure that your data is secure:

  • Use unique, hard-to-guess passwords for different online sites, and update them every 6 months.
  • Never send sensitive information like social security number, password, or credit card numbers in an email.

Be wary of any email that looks suspicious.  Remember to:

  • Stop. Scammers will generally add a sense of urgency to their emails.
  • Look. See if the claims in the email make sense, and check to see if the links in an email actually go to the site of the institution which sent them.
  • Call. If you’re still not sure, give us a call at the publicly listed phone number on our Contact Us page, or on the back of the True Link Card

Scammers often will call people pretending to represent a legitimate institution or cause. To protect yourself, remember to:

  • Stop. Scammers will present alarming or enticing statements to get you to act quickly without checking things out.
  • Think. Review any claims and see if they make sense to be coming from the institution which is purporting to be calling. Be suspicious of any requests for sensitive personal information.
  • Call. If you’re still suspicious, hang up and call a publicly listed number for the company.


True Link Financial will never ask for your full card number, PIN, or password by email or over the phone. If you are asked for this information please hang up the phone or do not reply to the email, and alert us by forwarding the suspicious email to, or sending us an email about a suspicious call.