Hired a caregiver to help with shopping & errands?

With the True Link Protection Prepaid Visa® Card, you have full visibility into a caregiver’s purchases for your loved one so you know how money is being spent.

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True Link Protection Prepaid Visa® Card
Hiring a caregiver should be something that provides peace of mind –
not something that causes more stress. Wouldn’t it be nice to...

Know the unknown

Make sure you have full visibility into a caregiver’s purchases for your loved one.

Preserve dignity

Feel confident your loved one is not getting swindled and keep an eye on finances.

Work as a team

Financial well-being and safety is something the whole family can agree on.

The True Link Protection Prepaid Visa Card is here to help

With the True Link Card, you can monitor, manage, and limit a caregiver’s spending so that your loved one gets the groceries, medications, and household items that they need, while preventing unnecessary or unauthorized purchases. It’s simple to customize the card to meet your family’s unique needs.

If a caregiver attempts to make an unapproved purchase or withdrawal, the card will automatically block the transaction and alert* you right away. It’s easy to use and simple to manage.

  • Customize Where the Card Works
  • Manage Cash Withdrawals
  • Receive Real-Time Alerts*
  • Works Everywhere Visa is Accepted
  • Just $10 per month
  • Easy Sign Up Process
*Standard messaging rates apply.

Customize Where the Card Works – and Where It Doesn’t

The True Link Card's controls enable you to decide where and when the card works. You can block unwanted transactions like online purchases, liquor stores, or international purchases. If you want to block a specific store or merchant, no problem. The True Link Card can do that.

You can also set up the card so it only works at places where you want the caregiver to shop. Does a loved one need help getting groceries and picking up prescriptions? You can set up the card so it only works at those stores.

Manage Cash Withdrawals

Limits on cash withdrawals ensure that your caregiver can only access funds that you approve.

You can choose to allow purchases on the card but prevent cash withdrawals or only allow cash withdrawals up to a certain amount. The card will be denied for any withdrawal above the limit you set. Plus you’ll always have full visibility into completed or attempted transactions via your online dashboard.

Receive Real-Time Alerts*

When a charge or withdrawal is blocked, or when a spending limit is hit you can choose to be notified via text message* so you can stay informed.

Want to provide a caregiver more flexibility but keep tabs on spending? Set up alerts* for any charges above $20, and you’ll be notified of these purchases in real time. 

*Standard messaging rates apply.

Works Everywhere Visa is Accepted

True Link Cards are prepaid debit cards that can be used for everyday purchases like buying medication at the pharmacy, grabbing lunch with friends and family, or getting cleaning supplies for the home - wherever Visa debit cards are accepted

Order a Card in 5 Minutes

To get started:
  • Fill out the online application
  • Set up your custom Spending Monitor with a few clicks
  • Fund the card from a checking account
This all takes just 5 minutes – you can do it online or on the phone with the help of a True Link Family Advisor.

$10 per Month

You get this peace of mind for a monthly fee of just $10.00.  Click here for a detailed description of all fees.
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