True Link Prepaid Visa® Card
True Link Protection Prepaid Visa® Card (not pictured)

The True Link Card

You’re worried about a loved one losing money to scams, predatory telemarketers, and unwanted charges. We are too. That’s why we created the True Link Card: so you can safeguard your family’s financial well-being without compromising your loved one’s independence.

The True Link Card is simple to set up and easily customized to meet your family's unique needs - prevent over-the-phone spending, disable wire transfers, block specific merchants, or limit ATM withdrawals - all while allowing your loved one to safely purchase what they need.
  • Customize Where the Card Works
  • Manage Cash Withdrawals
  • Receive Real-Time Alerts
  • Use Everywhere a Visa is Accepted
  • Replace Cash, Checks, Credit Cards with One Card

When it comes to an elderly loved one, you may be worried about:

  • Predatory telemarketers
  • Unwanted magazine subscriptions
  • “Miracle” products on TV or online
  • Sweepstakes or mail-order scams
  • Investment “deals” and other fraud
  • Sham charities
  • Unnecessary medical devices

Get peace of mind from knowing they're safe.
How True Link can help:

  • Manage spending through a prepaid debit card
    with customized settings
  • Block purchases at specific stores or merchant categories
  • Easily set or adjust spending habits
  • Receive alerts of suspicious charges*
  • Allow them to spend what they need, where
    they need

*Standard text messaging rates apply.

Spending Monitor

Customized Spending Settings

It’s easy to customize card settings and control when and where the card works.

You can set it up to:
  • Allow certain purchases
  • Block specific merchants
  • Block online and phone purchases
  • Set spending limits
  • Alert you about charges

Real-Time Alerts

With True Link you can find out about potential problems right away. When an unwanted charge is blocked, you can choose to receive an alert.* Or you can get alerted about larger-than-normal charges or unusual transactions.

*Standard text messaging rates apply.

Phone Alerts

Works Everywhere Visa® is Accepted

True Link Cards can be used everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted.  

The card can be used for everyday purchases like paying bills, buying medication at the pharmacy, and going out to the movies with friends and family.

Just $10 per Month

You get this peace of mind for a monthly fee of just $10.00.

Click here for a detailed description of all fees.

Order a Card in 5 Minutes

To get started:
  • Fill out the online application to order a card
  • Set up your custom Spending Monitor with a few clicks
  • Load the card from an approved checking account
This all takes just 5 minutes – you can do it online or on the phone with the help of a True Link Family Advisor.