Customer Case Studies

Families and fiduciaries around the country are using True Link to meet their financial protection needs. Learn how people like you have integrated the True Link Prepaid Visa® Card into their daily lives and how they’ve customized their card settings to achieve greater peace of mind and financial wellbeing for their loved ones and clients.

Susan worked with mom Barbara to protect against online charity scams and other fraud.

“It wasn’t something I would have ever expected,” Susan stated, when describing her mother Barbara’s recent financial troubles. “Mom has always been extremely savvy.  She traveled internationally as the first female VP for her company. She’s generous, but smart with her finances.  I was shocked!”   

Despite her savvy-ness, Barbara fell victim to an online charity scam. After receiving an email asking for earthquake relief donations, Barbara went to the charity’s website and donated online. But what seemed like a credible organization was actually a setup. Not only did Barbara lose money, but her personal and financial information were compromised as well. “It took us months to resolve all the fallout. It was a stressful time for the family,” Susan told True Link.

To prevent this from happening again, Susan and Barbara signed up for the True Link Prepaid Visa® Card. As the account administrator, Susan can adjust the card’s settings, review the latest transactions, and receive text alerts about suspicious activity. Meanwhile, Barbara can continue to make purchases she knows are safe. It’s a team effort to ensure that Barbara’s independence, dignity, and financial wellbeing stay secure.

Barbara's card settings

  • Block transactions where Barbara is not physically present – so no online, phone, or mail order purchases
  • Block international transactions
  • Block wire transfers or money orders
  • Block charitable donations

Barbara’s Spending Monitor


James helped father Don keep his finances secure while a caregiver was in the home

Don likes to joke that his son, James, “is just too important to stop by the house and help out.” Truth is, James lives halfway across the country. Ever since Don had a bad fall and needed surgery, James flies back once a month to check in; he wishes it could be more often. “Dad’s mobility just isn’t what it used to be. I want him to be careful, but it’s hard to get him to slow down,” James told True Link.  

Last year, James and Don agreed to hire someone for help with errands and driving while Don recovered. However, James felt a bit nervous having a stranger in his dad’s house. “You hear stories about elderly folks getting taken advantage of all the time. I really wanted to keep an eye on dad’s finances and how money was being spent.”

James and Don set up a True Link Prepaid Visa® Card to provide extra visibility and control around all spending. “Dad’s a routine kind of guy. He’s got his favorite coffee shop, his favorite steak house. He fills his prescriptions once a month, buys groceries on Sundays.” With the True Link Card, James can “allow” purchases at all of his dad’s regular spots, but any unusual charges are proactively blocked. At any time, James can view the latest transactions, transfer money onto the card, or add further protections.

James noted, “True Link has given both of us peace of mind. I feel like dad’s getting the care he needs, and not being taken advantage of, even when I’m not there in-person. It’s a big relief.”

Don's card settings

  • Block all purchases except for those at approved merchants
  • Block ATM withdrawals
  • Block in-store cash-back at time of purchase

Don's Spending Monitor:


Fiduciary Roberta manages finances of many clients with varying needs

Roberta has been a fiduciary for 25 years. Laughing, she told True Link, “It’s not always an easy job, but it’s rewarding. Each of my 30 clients has different, individualized needs, and I do my best to make sure everyone I work with gets the best service possible.”  

Roberta first learned about True Link while attending a national conference for money managers. She was surprised to learn that True Link could better equip her to provide the personalized service her work demands, and save her time while doing so.

Roberta can now access an online dashboard for each client with a True Link Prepaid Visa® Card.  Here, Roberta can view recent transactions, initiate funding transfers, and customize card settings to address individual needs.  For some clients, True Link is simply a safe, reliable way for Roberta to provide spending money.  For others, Roberta can use the Spending Monitor to restrict any purchases that might jeopardize a client’s eligibility for certain benefits, while still granting access to funds for items like clothing.  

Roberta appreciates that both she and her clients can call True Link's Customer Support team whenever assistance is needed.  “When I need to rush funds to a client because of an emergency, Customer Support is there to help.  When a client is frustrated because of certain card settings, True Link is there to listen and respond with patience and professionalism.  True Link really understands me, my business, and my clients’ needs.”

Sample client settings

  • Block grocery stores, restaurants, and other places where food can be purchased
  • Block bars and liquor stores
  • Block ATM and in-bank withdrawals
  • Block in-store cash-back at time of purchase

Sample Client Settings: