Keep your family safe with 
True Link Financial Protection.

Seniors lose over $36 billion annually to financial fraud and exploitation. Your family doesn't have to be a statistic.

What is it?

An online tool to view and monitor your financial accounts in one place.

What does it do?

Keeps watch on your accounts and alerts you to suspicious activity.

Who is it for?

Seniors and families of older adults who want to prevent financial exploitation.

An Online Tool for Account Protection

True Link Financial Protection offers a secure way to view, monitor, and protect financial accounts.

As long as you have online access to your accounts through a financial institution, it’s easy to link them to True Link - don’t worry, we’ll walk you through it. You’ll receive alerts about suspicious or unusual activity via text message and online.

Key Features


Our system reviews all transactions to warn you about merchants on our ScamWatch list - the world’s largest database of scammers targeting seniors.


Our complex algorithms learn from your unique spending habits and alert you to unusual patterns such as large withdrawals, duplicate charges, and subscription fees.

Custom alerts

Set up custom alerts for any account. Want to know when there's a purchase larger than $500? Create an alert online and be notified via text message if this occurs.

All in one place

Get a complete picture of your finances by viewing all of your account balances from one password-protected website.

Protect Your Family

Older adults who...

  • Currently access their financial accounts online
  • Are concerned about scams, fraud, or identity theft and want extra protection
  • Want to share high-level financial information with loved ones, without giving them direct access to accounts

Family members who...

  • Want to provide an older adult with support to safely manage finances
  • Are concerned about financial abuse and want extra protection for their aging relative
  • Want to share high-level financial information with other family members, without giving them direct access to accounts

Beyond Your Bank’s Fraud Monitoring System

Traditional fraud systems use a generic approach to monitor for flagrant scams. They’ll detect an expensive purchase with an international merchant, but will miss less obvious, potentially more harmful, attacks. True Link goes beyond the basics of standard monitoring, learning from your regular patterns of behavior to identify unusual spending habits unique to each individual.

Just $10 per Month

You get this protection for just $10 monthly, or $100 annually.  Not satisfied? Cancel in the first 60 days and receive a full refund.
Older adults save $465 million each year just by having relatives review their accounts. Sign-up today to protect your family from financial abuse.